Korea as One Cloud!

One Korea, One Cloud

South Korea with its world-class infrastructure for resource and value delivery

Why Korea?

An innovative and secured future with GotG.

Secure your Digital and
Physical Assets with GotG


GotG World

Stable and Profitable NFT Assets
Virtuous Cycle Mechanism of Guaranteed Assets


DAG Program

NFT BASKET with Real Assets worth 1.5 trillion won
→ Investor Protection DAG program

* DAG = Digital Asset Guarantee


Only GotG

The only platform based on real assets guarantee.
Stable revenue realization through the insurance of digital assets



Wallet, Market, and Messenger integrated platform

Standardization service in the Web3 era
Life Minting Tool based on NFT

Web3 World opened through HyperNEX
Virtuous cycle structure of digital assets

GotG Platform Mechanism

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